Malibu RFC

The Playing Field: The Rugby Pitch

The field that rugby is played on is called a pitch. The pitch is expected to be 100 metres long by 69 metres wide. The sidelines are called touchlines and there are two in-goal areas which are expected to be 10 to 22 metres deep with a tryline marking the front and a dead ball line at the back. The goal posts are located on the try line and are 5.6 metres apart with a crossbar set at 3 metres. The height of the posts varies according to the club's wishes.

Other important lines on the pitch include the half way mark at 50 metres. A dashed 10 metre line set each side of the the 50 metre line which is used to judge kickoffs and a solid 22 metre line marked 22 metres from each tryline. Other lines include two dashed lines set at 5 and 15 metres marked parallel to each touchline. These lines are used mostly to identify the zones for lineouts