Malibu RFC

Club Affiliated Charities

The Malibu Rugby Club has been established to promote and develop the game of Rugby within the community of Malibu and to encourage optimum participation and enjoyment at every level. The club will join men, women and youths of the community providing education, skill training, and team building from their experience.

Club Affiliated Charities
  • Malibu Global Awareness Foundation
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Learning Links
  • Heal The Bay

"Dear Alex, What splendid young men are on your rugby team! I cannot thank you enough for your participation, support, and contribution to Malibu Global Awareness, both helping Doctors Without Borders and needy people around the globe. Your graciousness, super personalities, communication skills and general demeanor reflected so well on MGA. I was so proud that you were part of our MGA family. Thank you so very, very much, Much love",
Dr. Annie Thiel
Chairperson of Malibu Global Awareness

Our team members understand the importance of sharing with the community by energizing and inspiring people to make a difference by volunteering on and off the field. As an integral part of our community the MRC has been called upon to support many of our community events, and it has always been our honor and a pleasure participating.

Our team members will be giving back to the community with a helping hand from youth development programs to meeting the needs of the community by providing time, energy and a caring attitude through our community work and services, ultimately teaching the local youths the true meaning of teamwork, competition, leadership, discipline and commitment.