Malibu RFC

Board of Advisors

A key essential part of building a competitive rugby club is having experienced leaders who are committed to providing their expertise and who share the vision of building something that will be a part of the community for future generations. MRC has been fortunate to have found a great group of individuals, whom have come together and volunteered their time, money and resources because they share the same passion for the game and the vision of the Club.


Alan Long
Alan is originally from Chicago, Illinois and a graduate of Loyola University. In 1987, Alan started DBL Realtors which grew to 11 offices throughout Southern California. In 2004, DBL was acquired by Sotheby's International Realty of which he remained on as President. Alan is an active board member for the Education Advantage Foundation and Chrysalis, and he actively promotes better education in the inner city, while assisting challenged members of the LA community in finding dignified employment.


James Manera
Jim is a writer and director who was an outward-bound survival instructor and a United States Eagle Rugby player in the 70ís; the Eagles are the USí professional rugby team. James Manera began his career as a writer at the Chicago-based Leo Burnett Company in 1979. In 1989 Jamesí directorial debut launched him into the film, television and commercial arenas.


John Mulcahy
John is a finance professional who is currently the Managing Director of Meridian Capital Group, a commodity focused merchant banking group. John lives in Malibu and is currently an active player for MRC. John started his Rugby career at College in Maryland and has since played over the years for various clubs in Australia, New Jersey and Los Angeles.


Robert Joseph Aloha
Robert is an author, playwright, producer, director and CEO of Galahad Films who lives in Malibu. Robert has had a career in rugby that spans over forty years, including 26 years as a player, for rugby clubs in Minnesota, Mexico City, Texas, New York, and CA. His administrative and coaching duties have included President and Co-Founder of Our Gang RFC, Old Hat RFC, and Texxxas, RFC, Head Coach of SMU Mustang RFC, Pepperdine Rugby and Emeritus. Robert continues to be an active coach of Pepperdine Rugby


Peter Tulaney
Peter is a Marriage and Family Therapist with a practice in Malibu and a therapeutic art workshop designed to promote healthy social and emotional development for the youth of the community. Peter began his rugby career at Bucknell University and then played in graduate school at Pepperdine University. After grad school, Peter became Pepperdineís assistant coach and the following year, became the Head Coach. Peter was elected captain of MRC for the teamís debut year and has continued to be an active player.