Malibu RFC

Club Officers

A key essential part of building a competitive rugby club is having experienced leaders who are committed to providing their expertise and who share the vision of building something that will be a part of the community for future generations. MRC has been fortunate to have found a great group of individuals, whom have come together and volunteered their time, money and resources because they share the same passion for the game and the vision of the Club.

Officers & Players

Alex Rylance
Alex is a sales professional and is the founder of the MRC. Alex was born in France and raised in England and began playing rugby at a very young age. Alex continued to play rugby at a very competitive level at University of Wales Rugby and then the Alencon Rugby Club in France, where he played on international tours. Alex moved to the US where he then played for Fort Worth Rugby and the National Champion Team in 2000. He then moved to Malibu and played for Santa Monica Rugby and the National Champion Teams in 2004 and 2005, and in 2006 he started the MRC.


Scott Orison
Scott is a Sales Professional who began his playing Rugby at Utah State University and has been playing ever since. Scott is a multi-disciplined player having played every position with his strength being at center. Scott is a strong leader and instrumental in helping grow and develop players for the MRC to become competitive and raise the bar of play for the MRC. Scott is a newly-wed with a young Rugger named Brandon.


Jessica Doran
Jessica is the President of Celebrity Services and Staffing, a successful placement agency that caters to celebrities and executive professionals in the Los Angeles Area. Jessica is a Malibu resident and a long time rugby fan who became involved with the club shortly after MRC’s inception. Prior to starting CSS, Jessica worked as a Celebrity Personal Assistant for some very prominent people. This experience has become invaluable to MRC as keeping the players organized is an equally challenging task.